Carolyn Short music


This website exists as a means to share the music that has been given to me. This music is composed in my home studio, primarily to help me focus my thoughts and enter into a state of prayer. As you listen to the music, I hope you will find the same sense of peace and purpose that I have experienced while composing it.
- Carolyn



New CD released. "Carolyn Short at the Piano".



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At the PianoPic 3

18 original piano selections.

At the OrganPic 3

13 original compositions featuring Carolyn Short at the organ.

A Call to PrayerPic 3

A guided prayer session set to music.


Pic 4

The music of Carolyn Short and vocalizations of Mitra Kostamo

Soundtrack to an Invisible Movie

Pic 5

Carolyn 's debut CD. Inspirational, healing, relaxation music.